WTS 2 Rorqual Pilots

WTS ultra focused Rorqual characters

Serine Revelation 19m sp
Tivianne Revelation 21.6m sp Perfect rorq pilot misses only mining drone spec 5 and complete in 8 days


and for tivianne 24b
both have a set of training implants, are located in highsec and have no killrights

i am for sale

i am for sale

offer 20b for tivianne

thats far too low sorry

I offer 25b for Tivianne Revelation

[Serine_Revelation] offer 21b

Serine Revelation

will offer 21.5bill b/o

Serine Revelation offer 22b

Serine Revelation- 23b

Bump, i will let this run for a little longer

Serine Revelation- 23.5 bo or i pass

Serine Revelation 24bill last offer and it’s only good for an hour or so since I will be out for 2 days


Isk and info sent thank you

transfer started

serine is sold now

$25.5B for Tivianne Revelation let me know.

i will wait a while longer to see where it goes

bump <3