WTS 2 x 18 SP perfect rorq pilots

This char sold, see post from Procyon below

20b right now isk ready offer good for 1 hour for either one…

Sirius Alfa sold
Procyon Alfa sold

This character sold, accepting offers for the other one

isk sent

17bill for other toon

Isk received, char transfer initiated.

18b for Procyon.

transfer email recieved ! thank you

bump, 18b current highest offer

may i know when the bids close? thank you.

I’ll give it till 1600 today

thank you

18.5 bill


you are the winning bid, please eve-mail me account information along with the payment and I will initiate the transfer

Never mind

19.5 b
if still for sale

@Phayze has not replied to mail sent and no payment received in the ~30 hours since the end.

@Izanami_Amouh sent you mail in-game

email send. isk send