WTS 20.9m SP Rorqual Pilot

WTS Perfect ore mine Rorqual pilot.
Pilot has 20.9KK SP + 25K Free SP
5 Implants - Improved
Positive wallet
No killrights
Parked in Jita
Npc corp
No jumpclones to mention.

Start price: 20B ISK

22b isk bid

23B offer


Ok since Sogno di Kant doesn’t reply me, you can offer me your price.


Ill offer the buyout of 24bil

Lucha Sunai, 24Bil. I will take you offer, plz send me ISK and account info.

will do in an hour when i get home

Ok, I’m waiting

Isk and account details sent. Please see message in game

I received ISK, I’ll clarify about the process of of biomassing.
I will transfer character within an 1 hour

Does this apply to you?

Accounts can only be involved in one character transfer at a time. If either the sending or the receiving account have an ongoing character transfer, other transfer attempts will fail.

Nope. I just have 3 characters already so biomassing 1

I am not an expert, but, in my opinion, it is better to wait for a free slot for a character to appear.
Is there a free slot now?
If not. I can wait.

Unfortuantely there won’t be a free slot for 9 hours

Write me when the slot is free, and I will transfer the character. 9 hours - well. I’m going to sleep.

slot is free, please feel free to transfer

I am forbidden to transfer the character. It’s because:

  1. Both accounts, between which the transfer is carried out, must be paid and have a valid game subscription. (I have alpha status, I will pay for omaga status if you did not violate the second paragraph.)
  2. The ability to transfer characters can be disabled if the characters were involved in activities that violate the EULA. However, an intruder who is subject to the blocking described above may be the recipient of other characters.
    (I also wrote in support to find out if I had problems with the second paragraph.)

Can you wait for a support response? I think it may take up to several days.
Do you have omaga status?

I do have Omegas status, and the second paragraph does not apply to me. I can wait for any issues to be resolved.