WTS 20 mill sp Proteus\oneiros\guardian


Looking to sell me however im just checking the market to see what price I would get.

Calimae is a good skilled proteus pilot and is also max logi in guardians and the oneiros.

Eve board linked and she has positive wallet and standings with no Killrights. Can fly through all of high sec space and if sold would be located in Dodixie

Thanks for reading
http://eveboard.com/pilot/Callimae PW 1234

15bill Start

B/O 17 bill

11b :smiley:

think this toon is a minimum of 17-20B if anybody searcha proteus toon

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Thanks I thought 11b was a bit low. I forgot to mention she can fly the Nestor aswell but it wont let me edit the main post

13.5 bil


This is the wrong forum for a price check. Also I think if you are lucky you might be able to get around 16-18B for it. 20B isnt going to happen most likely.

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Thanks for your comment

I have change to WTS now as I think I should get the price im looking for.

Starting bid 15 bill

B/O hidden for 24hrs

(CCP I will drop corp as soon as im home which will be 9hrs from now :slight_smile: )

15 bill

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Now in NPC Corp

Buyout added

Happy bidding :rofl:

so sad to see Thebes remap is 0.
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B/O Altered now 17b

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16billion isk

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17b b/o

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You can transfer via plex. You have to add them to the account to be transfered and add them to the plex vault and send a petition. It can take 72hrs sometimes

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Thanks will transfer normally so this char is for sale still :smile: ready to transfer today

15b offer.