WTS 2003 Character 267m sp Great Name

WTS a piece of history. Born in June 2003 Korthan [Password: Smartbomb] has:

HG Halo Clone
HG Amulet Clone
HG Talisman Clone
MG Askeplian Clone
MG Virtue Clone

The current clone and all the above are docked safely in high sec npc stations.

Wallet is not negative, im in an NPC corp and have 2 remaps available. No KR and positive sec status

As well as this he has
Au-79 implant - Golden Pod
His name with a double chevron on the eve monument.
637 ship skins:

Im not in a rush to sell so make me an offer on buyout if you want to grab this amazing piece of eve history right now- no lowballs or i will consider them free bumps.

Convo Conrin in-game if you want to ask anything

220 is worth a try right?

Update with password for Sp pls

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270 b

275b (b/o)

I am outta here:)

Sorry for the delay. B/O accepted. Please send ISK to Korthan and message me the receiving account details

Hi, If you are still interested please let me know - otherwise I will put it back up as open after dt tomorrow.

I am still interested if the price is right

Sorry, I checked your work records and there are too many sales records! Iā€™m very sorry for canceling my auction

276Bil - will need a few hours to get the isk together if accepted

retracted - OP canceled auction

Looking for a little bit more. If you can make that 280 we have a deal

Okay 280 but I need to wait for the Store to come back up (its down) and for some PLEX to sell. Let me know if you accept and then Ill do what I need to do

Accepted. No rush - just let me know when you are ready.

Isk sent and eve mail sent with account name

isk recieved - will start the transfer now

edit: transfer in progress - pleasure doing business with you