WTS 2005 clean Character

(Minmatar Citizen 770842998) #1


• “Fresh made” from 2005 (still in the starting system)
• Low Skill Points
• 3 remaps
• No name
• No Corp History
• No Standings
• No Kills/Deaths
• in High-Sec

Buyout: 5B

(Leelo dallasmultipas) #2

I’m interested, perhaps. 2.5 bil.

(Avallah) #3

3 bill

(Rupee Rue) #4

3.5 bil

(Kys) #5

Your character has the rare Black Market Trading skill injected.

That, on top of the age of the character and possibility to rename it makes it worth more than 5 bil, I think.

Or maybe not, but just FYI.

(Avallah) #6

4 bil

(Nerdz Rool) #7

I will offer 4.5B

(Rupee Rue) #8

5 bil Buyout

(Ritabas) #9

5,25 buyout

(Rupee Rue) #10

5.5 bil Buyout

(Avallah) #11

5,75 bil

(Minmatar Citizen 770842998) #12

First, thank you for all the answers and interest.

This is not an Auction, that means I ignored every post below 5B, but I am also not here to greed. Worth more or not, I made a fixed Buyout price and I will be respecting my own post.

This meaning… Rupee Rue offered the 5B and I will be contacting her in game.

In case this deal doesn’t go forward, I will have in consideration the next two players that made an offer above 5B (Ritabas and Avallah). The Buyout will remain unchanged. 5B.

Thank you everyone.

(Avallah) #13

Thanks, just post here at forum because you might have problem to catch me in game

(Nerdz Rool) #14

Just FYI: a buyout is usually only used in an auction. If it is not an auction it should just be a fixed price.

(Minmatar Citizen 770842998) #15

I contacted Rupee Rue in game and accepted the 5B offer.

(Rupee Rue) #16

Yes. I am now sending the isk and account name.

(Rupee Rue) #17

ISK and account name sent.

(Minmatar Citizen 770842998) #18

I confirm that I received the agreed ISK amount. The character was transfered to the designated account.

(system) #19

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