WTS 2005 clean Character


• “Fresh made” from 2005 (still in the starting system)
• Low Skill Points
• 3 remaps
• No name
• No Corp History
• No Standings
• No Kills/Deaths
• in High-Sec

Buyout: 5B

I’m interested, perhaps. 2.5 bil.

3 bill

3.5 bil

Your character has the rare Black Market Trading skill injected.

That, on top of the age of the character and possibility to rename it makes it worth more than 5 bil, I think.

Or maybe not, but just FYI.


4 bil

I will offer 4.5B

5 bil Buyout

5,25 buyout

5.5 bil Buyout

5,75 bil

First, thank you for all the answers and interest.

This is not an Auction, that means I ignored every post below 5B, but I am also not here to greed. Worth more or not, I made a fixed Buyout price and I will be respecting my own post.

This meaning… Rupee Rue offered the 5B and I will be contacting her in game.

In case this deal doesn’t go forward, I will have in consideration the next two players that made an offer above 5B (Ritabas and Avallah). The Buyout will remain unchanged. 5B.

Thank you everyone.

Thanks, just post here at forum because you might have problem to catch me in game

Just FYI: a buyout is usually only used in an auction. If it is not an auction it should just be a fixed price.

I contacted Rupee Rue in game and accepted the 5B offer.

Yes. I am now sending the isk and account name.

ISK and account name sent.

I confirm that I received the agreed ISK amount. The character was transfered to the designated account.

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