WTS 2006 Toon - No Kill - No Lose - Corp History Clear - 2.8Mil SP

Hi to All,
auctioning my toon 2,8M SP (Unallocated 150k) skills as follows:

  • Bad Name
  • 3 Remaps
  • No Kill - No Lose
  • Only One NPC Corp (6019 Days)

State War Academy 2006.03.06 20:51 to this day (6019 Days)

Fly Caldari Covert Ops
Basic Skill

  • Positive Wallet
  • located in HS
  • Toon is in NPC Corp
  • Security Status 0

I Pay the transfert.

Start bid: 4b3.6b
Bid Increment: 100mil
BO: 7b
Duration of auction: 6 days
End: 09/04/22 - 22:00 Evetime

Just bump and price lowered 4b3.6b

1.5b offer

i can do 3 b

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