WTS 208.2M SP Good PvP Toon Sub and Capital (Amarr Titan lvl 5)

Hi to All,
welcome to this long auction.
Auctioning my toon born 2006 208.2 SP (Unallocated 100k) skills as follows:

I’ve been using this character as a main for a small time. Then I did a capital character.
If you need more dps this character is for you.


  • 4 Jump Clones (Located in HS):
    1 IS: High-grade Amulet and good high slot.

==== Most Important Skill ====

  • Capital Ship lvl 5
  • Amarr Titan lvl 5
  • Amarr Dreadnought lvl 5
  • Caldari Carrier lvl 5
  • Caldari Dreadnought lvl 5
  • Minmatar Carrier lvl 5

==== Sub Capital Skill ====

  • Marauders/Black Ops/Recon/Dictor/HAC lvl 5
  • Gallente/Caldari BS lvl 5
  • All BC lvl 5 (No Precursor)
  • All Missiles Skill are lvl 5
  • Operation and Rapid F. Doomsday lvl 5
  • Capital Beam/Pulse Laser Specialization lvl 5
  • Capital Artillery/Autocannon Specialization lvl 4

Good Drone skill (17 Mil)
Good Shields skill (8 Mil)
Good Engineering skill (8.5 Mil)
Skill For JF

:muscle: Decorations
Participation XIII Alliance Tournament (See on Medal Tab)

  • 3 Remaps
  • No Kill Rights
  • Positive Wallet
  • located in Jita
  • Toon is in NPC Corp
  • Security Status +1.9
  • Standing 7,6 Caldari State (lvl4 Mission)

Start bid: 170b
Bid Increment: 1b
BO: 210b

:arrow_forward: 20 Days left.

:arrow_forward: 19 Days left.

:arrow_forward: 16 Days left.

140B offer

Friendly Bump. :partying_face:

Start bid: 170b
BO: 210b

180 valid 3 days

Hello Elorina Lafisques your offer is very interesting and has been accepted.
I close the auction on 10/02 00:00 eve time.
If I do not receive any other bids by this date you will be the winner of this auction.

:point_right: Update: End Auction Date 10/02/22 :fire:

Start bid: 170b
Bid Increment: 1b
BO: 210b
End: 10/02/22 (24:00 Evetime)

:coffeeparrot: Best Offer at the moment: 180b

One Day Left

:point_right: Go to up for today!!

3 days is no longer valid. I cannot write with Elorina Lafisques anymore as I deleted this Alt. I posted my Offer here in the wrong thread and found another Char anyway.

:rocket: Character is still for sale.

Start Price: 170b
BO: 210b

Bump for today.

:rocket: Character is still for sale.

Price: 170b
BO: 210b

:rocket: Character is still for sale.

Price: 170b
BO: 210b

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190b for me

employment history ?

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