[WTS} 2007 Cap alt with 108m SP

Archon, Nid, Rev, Aeon & Rorq trained, 4h 3 min from Ragnarok and Avatar.

Sensible Offers

perfect sec status currently

contact me ingame or post here.


could use a eve board to see skills?

oh yeah


pretty much clean history too

95 Bill

Faydhe, offer accepted please send isk and mail transfer details to secure before a higher bid comes in.

Ok, I will

Can you convo me or sent mail, I can not find you =) A lot of Coca Cola

Cola Cola =) Find

Ive mailed you ingame :slight_smile:

95 Billion isk sent.
Account mane sent.
Please confirm when you start transfere.
Hope all will be ok, A lot of character spam last weeks =(.

ISK recieved , commencing transfer now to Baccount name provided

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