WTS 2013 57.3 Min SP


I will pay the transfer fee (very soon)

Price: 40b
Price: 45b

43 bil

45 bil

45.5 bil

46 bil

Ok, I will send isk right away.

I still have 1 character. If you need it. I will post it

If you like, a beautiful price.

Sure, please post it

I have posted the second character in this article.

I have not received any isk. how long it takes.

I think you have to do it in a separate post, please keep this one for the char you’ve sold

Ok. Will be released later.

I’d like to remind you that Assets may not be included in the pricing of a character.

ok thanks

I think if you still have no reply in 10 minutes. I will cancel the transaction with you.

Also, for each character you sell you must provide the required information and follow the rules as stated here. if you intent to use this thread further, each character you sell must confirm it’s sale by replying in the thread, or just use the character and create it’s own sales thread.

Yes, I see the rules. I will delete other information right away.

I am releasing a new one. You can view it on the website

hello ,there?