WTS 2013 57.3 Min SP

She did not keep it, an hour ago. There is still no reply yet. I have canceled all chats with her

So you can send, prepare and trade it all.

You can also buy another new one first. Title Wts 2013 74.9 Min SP. A new article.

I am sorry, I canceled the transaction here.

It’s ok. Thank you

hello ,there

Hit the top

1 bump per 24 hours please.

If you are, please reply

hello there

43 bil here

stolen character i think…

This is my own creation, why?

Yes, do you need it?

owner of this character is german, i first time in my life see german who dont know english
mb you can tell how you used that character?

If you want, I will provide anything.

shot you a msg

Please send isk to: Staraviator. I will transfer the character immediately when I receive it.

Closed due to spam.