WTS 2013 6M SP Amarr character

Thinking about selling this character from 2013.

Just over 6m sp of which 1.5m is unallocated.
Completely clean employment history.
2 remaps available.
Located in Amarr docked in a station.
Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
No Jump clones.

Make me an offer and I will see where we are at.

2.5b bid

Not a bad opening offer thank you, I was hoping for a little more. Wil let it run a while longer.

2.7b bid

Thank you for the offer, if someone will go to 3b then I will accept it as a buyout.

Anyone wanting to go that little bit more for this lovely character?

3b offer

Then I will accept the offer, please send details to enable transfer to be initiated.

isk and account name sent by evemail, awaiting transfer

isk and account name received, character transfer processed.

confirmation email received, will confirm when the transfer has completed

character received, transfer completed

Thank you.