WTS 20M SP Miner, Orca, DST, PI

WTS Me: Kion BloodReaver Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

No Kill Rights
Currently Attributes Int\Mem
2 Bonus Remaps
Current clone in Jita: Int/Mem +4
No JCs
Positive Wallet

Start: 17B
B\O: 20B

Daily bump

8 bill offer

As far i can see, the min peice is 17b. If we check the prices, i think someone offer at least 14b. 8b is less than the 50% of the price b/o.

Offer 12b

Appreciate the offers, but I can net around 13B by skill extracting and I dont have to pay $20 transfer fee.
Hence why 17B is my starting point.

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is this pilot still for sale?

Yes, still for sale.

I can offer 13b

15b offer

Thank You, but pass. About 5 more days before I extract.

15.5b offer

17b in 24 hours

Still for sale ?

17.5bil offer

18 bil


Is this pilot still for sale?

offer 18 bill

offer of 18.5 bill final offer

Apologize IRL happened, then Starfield.

I am back and thread is re-opened. Any offer before this, I will assume is retracted.