[WTS] 21.3M SP - HAM LEGION focus - 2009 Character - No Corp History

For sale is a pure HAM focused Legion character, but most important is she is currently 4841 Days old with no corp history.

Important Skills:

  • Great Core Skills
  • HAM 5, Spec 4
  • Amarr Strat Cruiser 5
  • Amarr Sub Systems 5
  • 3.2M SP into Missiles so far
  • Good scanning skills for this level

Standard Info

  • Never left NPC Corp (Born 2009-03-12)
  • In Jita IV-4.
  • 0 jump clones
  • Positive wallet.
  • No kill rights.

Looking for 16B B/O for this uniquely placed character.

12.75b offer

I’d let her go for 14b.

Hey Buddy, are you available for a sale in the next 1-2 hours ? Sent you already an ingame mail, would be nice to hear from you.

Sorry, hadn’t logged in this character for today yet, I am online now and have replied in game.


i confirm to buy the character for 14b. Please confirm here.

I can confirm the 14b sale to Double E - Please send isk and account you would like me to send it to in game and I will process now :slight_smile:

ISK sent, together with the Accountname the transfer should go to. Awaiting the Mail about the transfer start :wink:

Payment received - Character transfer started via eveonline website

Received the mail, thank you for the smooth trade!

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