WTS 21.6m SP Nullsec Miner toon



  • Positive wallet
  • Positive security status
  • Located in hisec
  • CEO of own corp, consists of just my alts (can resign to NPC corp)
  • No kill rights
  • Mixed Standard/Improved implants plus skill hardwirings
  • 1 Remap available
  • I’ll pay for the transfer cost

Character is designed to be a nullsec miner with some combat skills (can fly missile/drone Legion) to be able to retaliate if necessary.


EDIT: Buyout 15.5m

About 11-12b is extraction value, you could maybe get a bit more if someone wants the character to use and not suck his brains out.

I can offer you 11b if your interested to sell :smiley:

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11b doesn’t sound satisfactory, i’ve seen people pay 20-25b isk for 20sp characters, thanks for the offer though.

12.8 bil profit to extract the skills… cybernetics 5 base char about 3 bil…

15-16 Bil depending on the buyer and implant set.

You only get extraction value these days unless its a specialized toon for links/supercaps/fax

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Thank you for the informations! CorryBasler are you interested in buying this toon?

bump! (edited)

Depends on the skills . With the war going in the south. Dread pilots going for big $$, Rorquals not undocking nearly as often as just 3 months ago.

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12B offer

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I will sell to you until tomorrow if no other bids are given. Thanks!

Agreed price in game, sending isk and account info shortly.

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Aye, agreed price in-game, I’m selling @Keenan_Estemaire to @MAK4 for 12b isk.

confirming sent isk and account info to @Keenan_Estemaire thanks

I sent the isk back to @MAK4 due to some technical issues regarding my paypal account, i’ll pay the transfer cost soon.

Confirming character transfer received thanks.

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