WTS 213 Mil SP Industrial/Mining Pilot/+Cap Skills

Selling my character, Archon Synth, currently 213.1 Mil SP at time of posting.

Archon Synth

Expert Miner flying Exhumers.
Maxed Production and Reprocessing skills, all at LVL 5.
Can fly Caldari Carrier and Dreadnaught, LVL 5.
Can fly Caldari, Minmatar and Amarr Freighters and Jump Freighters, LVL 5.
Has Cyno 5, Jump Drive Operation, Calibration and Conservation all LVL 5.

Positive wallet balance.
Positive security status.
No kill rights.
Currently located in High Sec. in Jita 4-4 in NPC Corp.

2 Remaps available currently.

Includes fairly substantial amount of ISK in Implants, listed below:
(All clones are located in Amarr Highsec)

+5 Training Set with full 5 mining implant boost set.
+3 Training Set with x4 shield *05 boost set.
Full Mid Grade Amulet Set +Omega with x4 mixed *05 armor repair / cap capacity / turret damage.
Full High Grade Crystal Set +Omega with x4 mixed *05 shield and Yeti *05 Ice Harvesting implant.

Infomorph Psychology and Advanced Infomorph Psychology are both at lvl 5, maxxing the number of clones you can field with this character at 11.

130 B Starting Bid
180 B Buyout

All offers considered, but anything under starting bid will be ignored.

Happy bidding!


120 b offer

Starting bid is 130 bil, but thank you for participating. Bump

135B offer

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