WTS 219m All Round Incredible Pilot

Skillboard: https://char.tools4eve.com/character.php?name=lenain

  • 219M SP
  • 366K Unallocated SP
  • Sec Status 0.8
  • Positive Wallet
  • No killrights, all CCP Rules Apply


  • Improved Filters
  • Empty Clone

Good production skills
Excellent PVP skills
Minmatar focussed on caps and sub-caps
Marauders V
Blops 5
Min Carrier 5

Starting Bid: 195B
Buyout 230bill

If the buyout is not reached, I will end this on whatever bid has come through on Saturday at the same time I posted.

195B offer

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198b isk

200B offer

bump pls

201B offers

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202 bill

203b offers

205B offer!

I have updated post with a closing time.

bump it

Last chance to buy this toon.
Closing it in an hour


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ok sold. Will msg ingame

ISK and account details sent

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Received and initiated transfer to account given.

Website info

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