WTS 51mil sp PVP pilot

All around PVP toon for sale

pass: forsale

  • Date of Birth: 2011-04-02
  • Skill Points: 51,161,117
  • Bonus remaps: 1
  • Location: Bei station (Highsec)
  • Comes with 2 jump clones and implnats, one of them is a 5 piece Mid-grade Asklepian set.
  • Wallet > 0
  • no killrights

Make offers, I am in no rush to sell.

bid retracted

Thank you Zazzel, if no higher offers in the next few days it’s yours!

Last bump before it goes to Zazzel!


41 bil


43 bil

43b from Intriguing Stranger. Anyone bids higher?


Ty Xalongskam. Looking to get at least 45b.

45b :smile:

Ty Intriguing Stranger, if no higher bids by tomorrow morning (Saturday, 9am PST) character is yours for 45b.

Intriguing Stranger send isk and account info, character is yours for 45b.

Intriguing Stranger,friendly bump to send isk and account details

i can offer 46B as you decide to change your idea,and 4H later and 10Hlater i will be on computer!

Watch_UUU I accept your offer as it’s been almost 3 days and no answer from Intriguing Stranger. Please send isk and account info.


i am coming back .i will do it soon ,wait for few mins

ISK and account info has sent and send you a mail.Please transfer an soon as possible.I want to have fun!

Thank you, character transfer initiated!
Please reply here when done and everything ok!