[SOLD] WTS 114m PVP specialist & perfect fleet pilot for all doctrines


PVP all-rounder, PI V, ready to jump into Revelation, vero good support skills.

2,577,660 unallocated skill points. You can inject whatever you need.

Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
Current clone +5 learning implants and +1 social.
Located in Jita 4-4

70B offer

Below ex cost but thank you for your offer.

How much do you want to sell´╝č

72b offer

Sorry below ex cost but thank you for your offer. Will consider it in the future if no one bids.

I think I can give 80B

81 B b/o

Make it 82b and we have a deal.

82B b/o

Bid accepted, please send isk to the char with account transfer details and I will proceed with the transfer.

isk and mali sent , plz check

Isk and info received. Transfer done, please check your email for notification CCP should send one shortly.

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