WTS: 21mil sp toon nice drone skills and can fly thanatos


I’m up for sale! https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/jeanet_ikkala

i don’t have any killrights on me.
Positive wallet
sec status 2,95
NPC corp
will be located in hi-sec and in station

listening to all offers!

offer 15b

15.5b offer

16b offer


17 bil


18 bil

18bil accepted i will be back home around 19.00 eve time. After that we can go ahead with the transaction


too late?

Yeah i accepted the 18bil bid already. Unless the retracts its bid i will go with that 18bil

well it was 18.5bill but i think he will raise again

I’ll let this run for 2hrs and the bidder with highest bid after that will win regardless of the bids after that

And sorry for all this hassle i’m on my phone atm and therefore i don’t see the replies as they come.

Now it’s over and you were the highest bidder.
I will be online in about 19 eve time. Send me your account info and the isk around that time.

sent mail in game

isk and account name sent

Account info and isk received. Submitting ticket now.

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