WTS 22,5mil sp pilot

Throw a fair offer

You need an eve skillboard link and to make sure you follow all the rules


forgot the link

11.25 bil b/o

if u can go a little higher i think im rdy to let him go :slight_smile:

If he could use the Moros properly I would, but I think this is already a fair price. Sadly no T2 guns, T2 siege, or gal dread 5. His cap armor repair systems is at level 1. Hell, even armor compensation skills are at level 2. I still have my work cut out for me with him.

np, ill see if any1 will offer more then :slight_smile:

Are you aiming at a target number? I don’t see one listed.

well i just sold another 1 with 19mil sp for 10,75bil, so the last 3mil sp should be worth a little more i think

im online ingame if u wonna throw a convo, a little more easy :slight_smile:

Carnitine I sent 12B as agreed in-game.

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