WTS 22.6 Pilot. Biddings Starts at 21b (Can fly Exhumers, Orca, Falcon, Vargur, Tengu , etc.)

Can fly Exhumers, Orca, Falcon, Vargur, Tengu , etc.
Yearly and Bonus Remaps available.
Good Standings
Unallocated SP 915,523
Located: High Sec {Jita}
No Kills Right
Security Status: 0.0
No Jump Clones
1 Bonus Revamp available
Positive ISK Balance

Place your bids

14B 14B


15 bil

Need something closer to 20b.

Daily Bump! Looking for that offer that is going to make me swayed


Offer Accepted! As soon you send the ISK I will begin the Transfer to Mrzou.

ISK and account sent

Transfer completed. Its says there’s a 10-hour delay.

Thanks !

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