WTS 22.7M SP Rorqual Pilot

Random Carntbearsed

Returning to the game after a long hiatus and weighing up what to do. This toon is excess to requirements.

  • located in hi-sec
  • has 1 jump clone also in hi-sec
  • Positive wallet and sec status
  • No kill rights
  • Is in a NPC corp
  • Capital Industrial Ships 4
  • Mining Drone and Ice Harvesting drone specializations 4

Min: 15B
Buyout: 20B

my offer 10b

Noted but I don’t think I’ll accept that.

12b offer

Minimum 15B.

Due to an unforeseen issue, I’ll have to put on hold for a few days. My apologies.

OK. Problem solved. Back on the market.

15B Min.
20B Buyout.

Once a day bump.

I’ll just move him to another account. Sale Cancelled.

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