Wts 222m High End Character: Titans, Carriers, Dreads, FAX, Marauders, HACs and many others

Hurrasimoso is for sale. He is a loyal and high quailified soldier ready for different kind of activities. I want to sell him in right hands. I have high hopes he is not going to lose his brains by extracting. At least I cant do that with my hands haha. Here is the skills link

Hurrasimoso skills list

I just moved it to npc corp and brought him to Jita.
5 jump clones with nice implants (high-grade crystal set in 1DQ1-A - T2 Ships & Comps, T1 Equip and high-grade nirvana set in 49-U6U - ZhongLi Star).
No assets, all funds withdrawn from the wallet
No kill rights
All other ccp rules applied. I pay transfer fees

150+ b bids only

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bump for this lot!

daily bump!

150B offer

nice char

200b and I sell it immediately

195 b immediate sale now!


would you do 190b?

190b is current BO

The pilot is waiting for new home



@Zu_Hita I am glad to accept you 190 bil offer, send isk and account name to me and I proceed with the xsfer


Okay, I’ll take care of it today

The information and ISK have been sent

Account info shouldn’t be posted here. Remove it.
Send it via Eve mail. If you’ve already doen that, it’s good.

transfer is in progress, thanks

Received that the game character can be closed now