WTS 23.5 Mil SP Rorqual character

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Azlav pw 1234
Located in hi-sec.
NPC corp.
Positive SS and wallet balance.
450k unallocated SP.
Capital industrial ships V
T2 Industrial Core
Awesome fleet support skills

Starting bid: 25b isk

This character has no mining drone skills and only has 50k of unallocated SP. This is by no means a perfect Rorq character. I will bid 15B if you are interested, but that is generous because of how you portrayed this toon

Your “Perfect rorq” pilot is not worht what you think. There are tons of missing skills and you are only aloud to advertise what is currently on the character. Seems that this is a scam post.

oh no…i have a scam artist calling me names on the internet…what will i do. Also there is no indication that is your 2nd toon

There is no way there are 2 people in the same corp here or have similar corp history

Im not sure what your bad paste job is suppose to show

not seeing it…man you are bad at this. also, your insults are bad as well.

I will leave my comments here and I will upload the screenshots I took at a later time. This sell is very immature and is attempting to sell something that currently doesnt exist. When I pointed out that the “perfect rorq” toon was not a perfect rorq toon, the sell got hostile and used offensive terms while posting a chat that they had had with a GM. They have since removed all of the conversation to save face. Do not buy from this person unless you want to be scammed

Thank you, scammer

What is scam?

You are most welcome. I just wanted people to know what they were getting if they bought from you

Scammer :slight_smile: THIS THREAD IS A SCAM OFFICIALLY!

At least you admit it

Yep, I will scam people on this perfect rorqual

Buyer beware

The only problem you face is ”A person cannot be called a criminal without a court decision " And I see 0 facts about that I am a scammer here :slight_smile:

I am the owner of this thread, I am the owner of my flat, and I MAY NOT let somebody to write here or come inside my home

Looks like you will run away right now

I called you a scammer and not a criminal and it really depends on the country. I presented my facts above which are facts…you are advertising something that is simply not true. You could not mine in your rorq toon as of right now. that doesnt seem like a perfect rorq pilot. You dont own this tread. CCP actually does. Weird how you think it matters.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/79892635/ https://zkillboard.com/kill/79885347/