WTS 24,9M sp, JF pilot, ORE pilot

Positive wallet.
Localized in Jita hub.
No kill rights.

Can fly :

  • Amarr JF,
  • T2 Ore ship (exhumer + expedition frigate)
  • Caldari T2 Industrial ship,
  • Gallente inty.

Has decent navigation skills for JF and PI skills.

EveSkillboard link : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/kary_malaster

B/O : 20B

15 bil

16 bil


Thanks for the bid but I’m looking for more.

Daily bump !

Daily bump.

Still on sale ! :smiley:

Daily bump !

17 Bil

Make me an offer at 20B and deal =)

Daily bump

Daily bump

Bump !

I’d be needing to extract the social skills. Otherwise I’m looking to pick up a couple toons with close to these skill distributions.

What do standings look like?

You won’t be getting close to 20B for this toon.

Hi Nordak,

I updated the skillboard, and now you can see the standings : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kary_Malaster

So, what’s your offer ?

hi account and still on sale?

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