WTS 25.7 mining & some pvp

Can use T2 mining ships & Orca, also upto BS and Missles level 5.
Has crap all over the place, dont really care about it.

Eve Skillboard link

as per the rules.

Character is in an NPC station : Duripant VII - Moon 6 - Federal Navy Academy
ISK 6,170,417
No Jumpclones
No Killrights

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12.5 bill

Good morning everyone @7
13b offer.

13.5 bill


14.5 bill

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il let this run another day

15.5b ./.

16 bill

im happy with this.

Sold to @Equinox_Limelight

isk and account name sent

Hi ISK recieved, character transfere has been initiated.
Thank you!!