WTS 25m SP Toon Tengu pilot t4 abyssals puller, hawk/gila skills EPIC NAME updated price

first of all great name 10b+, estimated extraction is 13b if u extract it so u need to make an offer of at least 35b to be taken in consideration (180 days left till decent rev pilot)
i will pay the transfer with cash
positive standing
Good pilot!
No kill rights
Located in NPC Structures
in NPC Corp ( nvm seems like i have to wait 24 hours for my leave to apply but i sent the message tho)
waiting for someone to boot me

starting bid 20B
B/O 30B or if starting bid has been reached till the end of the weekend

daily bumb

10b+ for “great name”

My sides

NVM i am closing this topic as i will reskill the char

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