WTS 25MILL+ SKill point Character maxed out Explo+ some t2 frigs

WTS 25.934 mill SP character, maxed out for exploration , a mastery 2 on Purifier, Nemesis, 2 on Amarr interceptors, plus other frigates and T1 freighter.
comes with a fitted astero for wh explo

docked In sobaseki


25bill OBO… also interested in SKill injectors, skill extractors

thank you

contact Ecser

20b B/O


21.5b Last offer online now

Online now so anyone interested.
25 bill obo

thank you

still inetersted? im online now… thank you

sent you an offer in game

Still available 25 bill or skill injector, extractor, trade

18 bill isk ready now
sorry for the low ball, this toon just doesnt have anything special about it that would warrant over paying so much… the offer is still more then the extraction value+xfer cost

i understand but that is not close to the low side … thank you for the offer i respectfully decline

good luck! hope you get what ur after

20 B/o

My offer for 21bil still stands and in case Vapulate does not respond I will match the 21.5bil aswell.

21 bill it is if you still interested…

Sure, I will send ISK and account info in a minute

thank you

Currently waiting for help from customer support for the transfer. The 21B ISK are held by me at the moment, ready to send them whenever the problem is fixed.

21.5 bill online now


so is that a no?