WTS 26.5M Rorqual character(transfer done ,closed)

Me For Sell
25,029,729+1,450,000Unallocated SP(increasing with summer Promotion )

Perfect Rorqual skill
–Capital Industrial Ships_lv5
–Industrial Reconfiguration_lv5 (T2 Industrial Core)
–Mining Drone Specialization_lv5
–Ice Harvesting Drone Specialization_almost lv5
with good Shields , Navigation skill
2H to Rhea.


In High Sec Jita.
in Npc corp now.
no Jump Clone
Positive Wallet and Sec Status
No Kill Rights
All CCP rules apply

starting bid 27 bil
waiting for your bids.

20 B/O

22 bil

24 bil

25 B/O

25.5 bil

26 B/O


27 b/o


28 B/o

thanks for all bids ,i will accept the highest bid after the DT On Monday(22 July).



29.5 B/O

30B Isk

30.5 bil

@Kotori_Tachibana OK!time is up now!thanks to all bids,i accept Kotori Tachibana by 30.5Bil ,please send me (Aster Kishunuba) isk and account info in game,i will do the transfer as soon as possible after i received them;

Brilliant! I will be home from work in 8 hours will send the isk as soon as a I get in :slight_smile: thank you!

Isk and account name sent :slight_smile: