WTS 26.6m SP specialised invention, T2 industry, reactions and PI toon

Ricky Akachi

  • Located in Jita in NPC
  • Positive ISK balance
  • No kill rights
  • Rather handsome chap
  • 43 extractable injectors, if you’re that way inclined
  • 2 remaps
  • 0.0 sec status

25b buyout and I will pay for character transfer once ISK is received.

16b offer

Well, it’s a start I suppose!

I know you can do better :slight_smile:


16b offered so far, sale will close 9pm ET on Wednesday.

Get yourself a HUGE bargain!

Invention, reaction, manufacturing, and PI - Ricky is a one-stop industry shop!

Current bid @ 16b ISK, and he is easily worth 22b ISK, so get invovled and get a bargain.

Auction closes 9pm ET, Wednesday 15th.

16.5b offer

Thank you.

Whatever the bid is at 9PM ET on Weds 15th will be the sale price. No messing about, I’ll pay the transfer fee.

Bargain is an understatement, so far!

6.5 more hours to get in on a bargain :slight_smile:

And it’s 9PM - sending isk / account name evemail.

isk+evemail sent from my trade alt, Sid Trader.

Please let me know once the transfer has been initiated.

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Initiated, found the EVE mail.

Great, thanks!

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