WTS 27.6m SP - Cal Dread V

Wallet balance: positive

Kills rights: none

Jumps clones: none

Char info:

  • Location: High sec - Kisogo - Station

  • 1 remap + 2 bonus available

  • sec status 1.0

18 B offer

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18.5 bil

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i offer 19b


Will take highest offer on saturday, thanks

Saturday? It’s too long. Can you give us your expected transaction price? If it is appropriate, we don’t need to delay too much time.

19.5B offer

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Sale cancelled

if you still selling , i 'will offer 24Bil ~ Reply me ~ @JP_PI1

Having some temporary issue with the accounts. Resolving with CCP waiting for me ticket.

OK, i can wait , how long will it take ? @JP_PI1

Waiting for CCP answer I’ve no control over that! Will update

sale cancelled.

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