WTS 27.9M SP Rorqual Pilot - SOLD


537k unspent SP
No bonus remaps, neural remap is available. Still in training.
No kill rights
positive wallet
+4/5 implants set

Good skills in rorqual mining
fine trader and producer
and… she is beautiful :slight_smile:
S/B: 31B
B/O 34B
Auction ends at Friday 21 (9 PM) EVE time.


B/O lowered.

34 B\O

I’ll be at home at 4PM EVE Time.

@kopai_shmot send ISK and account details.

info send in eve mail box and transfer isk, but really answered from another character, sorry

Confirm, i received isk, will start transfer procedure, when at home.

Ticket issued.

Already a day has passed and the character is still gone.

i dont know whats going on. I issued ticket and there is still no answer, if they won’t answer within few hours i’ll pay for transfer using real money.
Maybe there is no more CCP support for customers…

Finally i paid it with real money. Sorry for inconvenience.

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