all rules of cpp applied

28.9+Mil sp, highly specialized, ready


Clean Corp history

No Wasted SKILLPOINTS, specialized monster

Very nice pvp record with 388 killsl and 19 losses ZKILLBOARD

2 x re-spec avaible and comes with a high grade improved learning clone with hardwires

First good offers grabs me away, lets go

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15b ready !

17b offer

Bump to the topz

Bump to the topz

18.7mil sp now

Did you extract skills? :syringe:

nothing extracted, you can see in the eveskillsboard, onlly fresh trained skills

You might want to check your numbers…

I can meet you in the middle from my previous offer at 18bil ? Isk in hand :slight_smile:

its 18 yes not 28 :slight_smile:

no thank you, 18 is too low and you know it

Not really. People go for extraction price which is normally 5-10, lower than how many SP you have. You have 28 mil sp how much idk were you looking to get?

Color me crazy, but shouldn’t these numbers be the same?

yes sorry typo haha lol :slight_smile: its ok now, thank you shadow

Bump to the top

Bump to the top

eveskillboard updated, its 28.9+ mil sp, NOT 18MIL SP, thank you

Keep it to one bump per day. Additionally, modified your OP for language. Thank you.

Happy new year everybody and a bump a day, makes the sale go away :slight_smile: