WTS 28m SP Maxed Exhumer Pilot with excellent Reprocessing skills and all BC to 5


Looking to sell this 28.3m skill point character, she has maxed exhumer skill, +5 yield implant and the Michi implant along with full set of improved implants.

Has good reprocessing skills, all moon books plugged in but not yet trained.

Every race battlecruiser 5 also so is not too far from any ship you may want to fly.

Positive wallet
Docked in Amarr
0.4 Sec status

Looking for offers over 20b

20b bid

20.5 b and a used dried up ink pen

23bil !

I can take 23b if you want to go ahead?

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ok i will send you mail in game confirmed this deal wait a moment

i use the character named Orha Duren send u mail in game and isk send plz check it !

wait u response

this character

i m Pranda Xeon

In game mail sent as requested

Isk recieved will transfer character

have a good cordial working relationship :grinning:

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