WTS 2x Naglfar Pilots

Send me an offer :smiley:

Yes i am for sale

21b for both

So 42 you mean?

15b for kkrugzz

will consider after more offers

16 - kkrugzz

17 for kkrugzz right now

18 krugz

20b for krugz

21 krugz

22b for krugz

20b - diin

Please be sure to follow all the rules when selling characters; You can find those here. Thank you.

kkrugzz sold for 22b if accepted by Yonas

in jita with positive wallet and in starter corp

21b for diin Janau, or 44 for two, if you wait 3 hours

i can wait, people are still free to offer tho

Iā€™m ready

will commence transfer once I have received account info on each toon.

isk and account names send