[WTS] 2x Rattle Alts. 9M SP C5 Ready

20B Offer ingame never eventuated.
Back up for sale. Contacting Yessir ingame to see if he is still keen.
Plex trnsf

Felurian Skillboard - Pass 1337
Eraan Skillboard - Pass 1337
20B was the b/o.

Confirming I am in the market for a new Master

Take me with you :coffeeparrot:

So extraction profit for these two accounts would be approx 7B and maybe 4B each for the husks

Would you accept 16B for both?

Hi Bennie,

No Sorry. I would get 16, not 15 total for extraction.
It would cost 35B to inject these rattles. This is chump change to an avid wormholer.

Could you do 18B for both?

Extractor Price 380,000,000.00
Injector Price 820,000,000.00
Total SP Extractable 8,000,000.00
Total Injectors Created 16.00
Total Cost 6,080,000,000.00
Total Revenue 13,120,000,000.00
Profit Total (before tax) 7,040,000,000.00

Actually made a mistake - you only have 14 injectors created due to the 5.5M limit - each account could extract out 3.5M - not 4M. So effectively around 6.1-6.2B

18.5B offer - but the above is your actual profit total from extraction, you -may- sell the husks but a lot of those are going at the moment and not many going for more than 1-2B profit after transfer.

Here you get 12.5B profit and no time consumed extracting/selling.

Where do you find that calculator - Would be so much better than doing in my head.
I will consider your offer, but my trade has only been up for an hour - and it has not reached my B/O.
If you are successful ill see if your still interested.

19B Offer

I used Excel mate.

All the best, you’ve got a great offer on table but I don’t need the characters that badly to overpay due to their role specialisation.

Ah Excel, The Boson of the forums.
Thanks for your intestest - Have a good day.
Yessir, I’ll be accepting that offer when i get home unless someone sneaks in front.

Bump. 20 ingame fell through.

@Jax_Rugger Still willing to take 19B

definitley. ready to go? (just woke up_

I’ll be home in about 8 hours (8:30 PST) - If that’s alright.

Will send the isk then

understood and agreed, Unless someone swoops in.
Have a good day! :slight_smile:


Ready for immediate transfer, offer window for 30 minutes.

Offer window missed, my apologies. Will be online from now.