WTS 2x Rorq Focused Pilots Cheap

Pilot 1 - Matuno Hanir - EveSkillboard - Matuno Hanir - 9.5 mill sp

Pilot 2 - Vasisualiy - EveSkillboard - Vasisualiy - 9.3 mill sp

Both in NPC corps in HS with positive standings, sec status, good corp history and positive ISK balances.


Confirming I am for sale

Sale is no longer private. Open to offers. Looking to sell fast.

Price for both?

12B for both (6b each) @Susan_Kuvira

5 Bil ready for whichever you wish. I am not fussed about either :slight_smile: They are mainly sitters/movers at the skills they still have now, so I am afraid I cannot offer more than that.
Offer available for the next 24h.

Offer 11 bill for both so 5.5bill each?

Offer 6 bill for whichever one you have.

@Sinister_Soldier can you do 6.25 bill for each

offer 11.8 bill for both

12.5 and they’re yours @Susan_Kuvira

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bumparino

6B for Matuno Hanir isk ready now

Can you pay 6B for both

Bump - clarification that precious post meant 6 bill each

I am willing to pay 12B for this, but could you please wait a few more hours for me, I need some time to prepare ISK

@Galactica_Audeles sure, I won’t be home for about 9 hours

OK, I will immediately transfer the money to you with this ID and send an email to you. Please start the transfer as soon as possible after you get home, OK?