WTS 3.7 SP 2007 toon Vin Mariani

Great Cyno Alt Name and for hauling too

Has +5 Intelligence and +5 Memory in her

No clones located anywhere

No Kill rights on her

Date of Birth 2007-06-13 06:14:00 Clear Employment History !

Last known bid is 4 bil ^.^ from

Jordan Noir 2017-05-22 23:05:41 UTC on the old forums do a search kk

She is being injected towards hauling and then a Nyx

Currently training alot more than this per SP hr

Very popular Toon. 1x remap on standby

Has no kill rights on her; she is sitting in station all alone. No losses.

If you don’t like her name, please don’t bid on Vin Mariani.

Starting Bid -4.0 billion iskies

68k Unallocated sp

That means starting bid goes at 4 billion isk.

No snipers please ^.^
Buyout 30 billion isk
Auction Ends 9/19/2017

3 bil

Dude no one is going to buy this for 4b so just give up the dream, your lucky if you even get 3b. No one gives a ■■■■ if its a 2007 character

Yes they do ^.^



3 bil

bump ^.^

3 bil


3 bil