WTS 66.5 m sp industrial toon

Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Morgana_Blad

Industrial Command Ships V
Pefrect ore/mining/marauder skills

Current location: high sec
Jump clones: 2
Killrights: -
Wallet: 50 ml

Price: starts at 53 bil b/o 60 bil

50 bil

52 bil


Hello Khan, thanks for your bid, i will make deal with you.


Hello valgus , khad did not answer to me, if ill take your bid are you ready for deal?

Bump, still for sale

52.5B ISK Ready

Thank you! I accept this bid

The ISK and account information has been sent.

No confirmation mail has been received yet.

some problem

i.have pay isk.but i dont receive the pilot ,Please check it for me. ,2019.02.16 11:38:00 Player Donation -52,500,000,000 ISK 7,280,468,420 ISK [r] FAX 001 deposited cash into Morgana Blad’s account,@CCP_Falcon

Fax, you’ve fallen victim to one of the many character scams plaguing the Bazaar. File a support ticket:

Billing and Account / Character Transfers / Help, I’ve been scammed!

The GMs will sort it out for you.

Please submit to GM

Fax, it’s not quite that easy, but almost… if you’re logged in to the game, click on the E in the upper left corner, then click on the ? Help from the drop down menu. Select “Go to Help Center” from the Eve Help window that pops up. The Eve support web page will open up in your web browser. Log in if you are not already. Click on “Submit Support Ticket” and follow along from there using the Type and Category choices that I mentioned above. Describe your issue in the space provided.

Thank you. I’ve already submitted a question.