WTS - 3 x Wonderful Exhumer Pilots

Hi everyone,

I’m offering up myself and my two brothers for sale, either individually or as a group. We spent our lives training (back in the days when this was a tough thing to do in Eve) as dedicated NullSec miners.

Booboo Anana - 35.9m SP - eveSkillboard - Buy Me now for 28b
Reaper Anana - 35.5m SP - Buy Me now for 27.5b
Jacko Anana - 35.0m SP - Buy Me now for 27b

Buy Us Now for all 3 miners is 70b, a saving of 12.5b

Please indicate which of the 3 of us you are bidding on; as a LOT or individually. We are happy to be sold as a group to give you an instant mining fleet; or individually if you are just looking for a solid mining income earner to join your existing team.

To bid on all 3 please offer 70b as a buy the group now price. (price reduced on 22nd Dec)

If any of the family receives a stand alone offer that is good then the buy us now option goes, of course!

Hereby confirming that I am for sale with Booboo and Reaper

Here’s my EveSkillboard

Hereby confirming too that I am for sale with Booboo and Jacko

Here’s a link to my EveSkillBoard

Start you of at 60 bil for all 3 in 1 buy

"What a mistake-a to make-a!"

Thank you very much for getting the bidding started, and for triggering happy memories of Allo Allo !!

Don’t miss out on my wonderful little family!

84 Million Skill points equally spread across these 3 wonderful little well balanced miners.

Buy Out reduced for Christmas as I’m in a good mood to 70b - now that should be an offer too good to refuse, even for you intrepid skillpoint injector farmers!

70 bil offered…b/o

@Palatine_Keepstar Your offer is Accepted. Please send Isk to @Booboo_Anana and I will need at least 2 target accounts I would have thought for the transfer. If you have preferences where the family should be spread please let me know in game mail where you want them distributing to.

Transfer will be initiated by Character Transfer on CCP site, so no GM delays with tickets.

Thank you for your offer.

will do right after downtime

Understood, no problem.

I am running a quick chore over downtime, but should be back in game by 12 (to 12:15) midday (ish) game time. Don’t worry if I am not online right after the refresh.

no worries…isk sent

account details to follow

account details sent

I’m back, just logging in

Thank you. Isk received in order.
Account names received in order.

Starting the character/s transfer process now.

@Palatine_Keepstar @Booboo_Anana has been transferred via Character Transfer Function on CCP site.

Now doing Reaper and Jacko to the other elected account

@Palatine_Keepstar - I have been transferred to your elected account via Character Transfer function on CCP site. Thank you, best of luck and happy rock munchin’

Hi @Palatine_Keepstar - I cannot transfer myself to your elected account until the transfer of Reaper has concluded. Let me know in this thread when that is done and I’ll immediate trigger the transfer >


can you contact me ingame?