WTS 30.45m SP all'round toon (SOLD)

Trion Kring 30.45 mil exp
Will pay the 20 dollar fee


Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
NPC Corp
Located in Amarr

What i did with this character:
Perfect VNI (Rat - Has the fitting)
Great Mining with Exhumer (Moon Goo)
Great PI (Tech 3)
Great Exploration/Hacking
Great with drones
Can Cyno/Salvage

Offer start 22b B/O 27b
Sold for 25.5b

20b for Trion Kring

Sent a message in game

22b bid also sent in game mail

TL:DR Thanks for bids, waiting for higher…
Offering bundle 40b for both Corsair Stone / Trion Kring

Daily Bumb

25b for Trion Kring

Deal is off the table. Going back to normal. Daily Bumps.

25.5b :partying_face: Sorry about the miscommunication before !

Thanks for your continued interest. However. I am willing to wait a bit longer.
B/O Changed from 28b to 27b.

Would you do 39b as bundle?

Accepting the 25.5b offer. Let me know when you can do transfer. Need info and isk.

Isk and account info sent to Trion Kring

ISK & Info Received. Transfer payed. Should be sold now!

Awesome thanks mate :slight_smile:

Received characters thanks!

Was only Trion Kring. But yeah let me know once your ready for this one. XD

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