WTS 30.8M Proteus/Hulk/Orca/Ishtar/Viator T2 Drones T2 Fitting PVE/PVP


Positive wallet
Char In Jita 4-4
No kill rights
1 remap
NPC corp since Jan 2016
Two +5 and Two +4 Training implants plugged in (no Charisma)

T2 Frigs
T3 Cruisers
T2 Guns
T2 Light Missiles
T2 Drones Light/Med/Heavy/Sentry/Mining
T2 Armor and Shield Fitting
T2 Exploration Fitting
Cloaky Transport Ships

PVP, Run missions, cloaky hunt with Proteus or Bomber, cloaky transport from Jita to Null, scout with interceptors, mine or boost, T2 exploration (Jump clone in Thera and Jita)… The choices are yours. Use what you need or even skill extract the Millions of SP you don’t and still have a char you can use!

This will not interest anyone looking for quick extract and sell injectors flip… This is for someone that wants a playable char.

Already did the math. 17.5B in extractors to get 40B in injectors. (22.5B without having to ‘pay’ for Transfer if I want to go that route.)

Bid starting at 24B. B/O 28B
Short Auction. Selling him or extracting him today. Online and in game for a few hours. (Semi-AFK)
Don’t miss out… Good Luck!

23b bid if skills were a bit more focused I’d offer better lack of tank skills is the major draw back

25B B/O


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