WTS 30 Ml caldari (old toon, clean history)

Heavy Assault Cruisers V
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers V
Mining Barge V


Warlab is in nul sec , sec status and wallet are positive, no killrights, 2 jump clones

Note that 2 m sp are unallocated!

BO 25 bil


how far to fly golem and phoenix?

well is ok i buy it 21b

19 days to Golem and 86 to Phoenix

want to sell for 21b?

check mail pls

are you online?

yes, I am

convo me im trying to convo you but i think chat is not working

22.5 bil

agreed in game. Waiting for isk and info

isk and account name sent

did you start the transfer?

hi did you start the transfer?

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