WTS 30Mil Sp Jump Freighter Pilot! Best Offer Wins


Looking to sell this toon!
Thank you!

looking to get in the ballpark of 10 bil…

10b offer

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Sounds good!

More formally, offer accepted Randy Pixel

ok i will send isk to your

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isk send pls check

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got it, initiating now.

I’d call Scam Alert here. I tried force refreshing the skillboard a few times on this character and they have already revoked the access so that we can’t see they are stripping the SP

{"error":"invalid_token","error_description":"The refresh token is expired."}

I’d get your scam support ticket opened as your isk is already gone

he has transfe his char …i guess not a scam

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Hope it for ya… `0b for 30m SP is a nice deal… for you and around 6-7b miss for @Alexandra Bullkrin

If it’s a scam odd that he actually transferred the character. (I assume you got the email?).

yes i receive it

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