WTS 31M SP perfect rorq

(Big Jugs) #1

All CCP rules apply.

Skill Checker (a bit outdated)

Key ID: 6676539
Verification Code: 5ADDn0yo9chLBKUoXm1SefIEkL0ejQpEeJgS9PpF2Q7fPuBAJIH5xKtrRueodZwl

No killrights.
No clones.
Positive Wallet.
Comes with +5 learning implants.
Located in Jita in NPC corp.

Carrier/Fighters and JF skill books injected

Buyout 35B

(Caster Ormand) #2

30 bil

(Takitani Genji) #3


(Caster Ormand) #4


(Big Jugs) #5

bidding will end in 9 hours. highest bidder then will get this pilot.

(Takitani Genji) #6


(chicken stroganoff) #7


(Big Jugs) #8

@chicken_stroganoff, send isk and i’ll start transfer

(chicken stroganoff) #9

@Big_Jugs I will send isk within 24 hours.

(Big Jugs) #10

got it! will transfer when I get it with cash, not plex.

(chicken stroganoff) #11

@Big_Jugs isk send.ingame mail check plz.

(Big Jugs) #12

received, transfer has been initiated.

(system) #13

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