WTS 31M SP Pilote Nyx and titan Vanquisher-Erebus-Ragnarok-

After selling my titan Vanquisher i need to sell pilote titan so as not to waste.

Can pilote vanquisher, Erebus, Ragnarok and Nyx

Have 3 Skins Vanquisher : Serpentis Victory SKIN 41 B on the market jita, Vanquisher IGC SKIN 4B and Vanquisher Glacial Drift SKIN.

One Remap ready
Security Status 5.0
positive Wallet
No Killrights
In NPC Corp

Bid start 50B

Firstly, make a skillboard.

Secondly, you’re not going to get 50b for it just because it can fly a vanquisher. With SP that low is a really bad titan pilot but you might still get like 30-35 if someone really wants it.

skill board please)

To be fair the Serpentis victory skin is selling in Jita for 40b now so there is some value. But SP wise that’s extremely low for a vanquisher pilot.


Although it’s worth that I’ve never seen someone care about skins when buying a character as they’re cosmetic. I doubt anyone buying this character will be buying a vanquisher if I’m honest considering their price.

This doesn’t seem to list all individual skills?

Please list your skills, I will consider buying

40B. ISK in hand.

45B isk in hand

Still for selling???

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