WTS 32.5m pvp Loki burner missions pilot


Cool name. Positive wallet. No kill rights.
Can fly: Loki/svipul/SB machariel and frigate 5 for 3 races.
Over 2.4m True Power LP (5b isk)

Can run all team and agent burner missions with ease. Minmatar dread skills injected.

First one to offer 28b gets toon.


You will print isk when the shield slave implants come out. Almost 2.5m Sansha True Power Loyalty Points.

12b b/o

These burner missions r too easy. Man I’ll miss making over a billion isk n hour.

Oh well my loss, your gain.


get rich with this toon


what are you into?

FW? check
burners? check
small gang pvp? check
cloaky lokis? check
6/10 farming? check

only 30b?? priceless

daily bump

30b and you can farm Sansha LP to your heart’s content.

Youll be happy with your investment when CCP releases the “shield slave” implants


19 bill up for 24 hours

I will pass on those offers, thx.

I will pass on any offer below 26b. I appreciate the offers for the bumps tho.

Offers from 26-29.9b, please dont put a timeline on them since I would need time to consider as well as receive other offers.

However, 30b offer will eliminate all competition, even if someone offers a higher bid a second later.

daily bump.

Get rich with me!!

Bump, bump, bump bump it up!

After extracting and LP conversion Ill have about 27b. So b/o is now 28b.

28b and its yours

Doesn’t anyone want to buy me?

send me a message in game

logging in now

please o please dont make me extract…

Roger Rabbit Please GIF from Rogerrabbit GIFs


perfect day to run burner missions. How much LP is too much?

still for sale