WTS 32m SP Small Ship PVP Character

Frigate/Loki pilot

Total Skillpoints: 32,948,460

Gunnery Support Skills: 5
Thermodynamics: 5
Weapons and Advanced Weapons Upgrades: 5
Assault Frigs: 5
Neurotoxin Skills: 5
Cybernetics: 5
Min/Gal/Amar Frig: 5
Min/Gal Cruiser: 5
Amarr Destroyer: 5

No kill rights
No Bounties
-0.4 Security status
Member of an NPC Corporation
Active Clone: Genos slot 1 and 4 Implants
Current Location: Lowsec (Hevrice)

start: 27B
B/O: 30B

Thanks but I can extract more than that.

23 B B/O. ISK ready

Apparently some people are illiterate. I’ll start you off at 27 B as per your minimum bid.

Why waste time dancing around? 30 bill buyout.

is it sold

No not yet.

If this is an offer, send isk and account info and I’ll get the transfer going.

Isk and info sent via an alt.

Should be on its way. GLHF!

Character received, thank you.

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